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Yoni Pichu

Yoni Pichu

Yoni Pichu is a treatment in Ayurvedic medicine where a sterile cotton swab or cotton tampon, soaked in medicated oil or ghee is kept inside the vagina for a specific period of time. Here the word Pichu refers to cotton ball.
Yoni Pichu Procedure:
The treatment procedure is divided in to three parts
1.Purva karma(pre procedure)
2.Pradhana Karma(main Procedure)
3.Pashcat Karma(Post Procedure)
Selection of patients:
For female patients in whom the procedure is planned, initially a routine gynaecological examination is done to rule out any vaginal infections and to assess the status of uterus, it's direction, size etc and to rule out any or PID (pelvic inflammatory disease). If signs of PID are found then the procedure is with held until the infection is under control.
Selection of the medicine
depending on the condition of the patient, medicated decoctions, oil or ghee are selected based on the assessment by a qualified physician.
Preparation of the patient:
If the patient is found fit for the procedure, she is asked to empty the bladder and to lie in lithotomy position on the examination table. Private parts are cleaned antiseptically. Under aseptic precautions the sterilized cotton ball is covered with a sterile gauze piece and a tail is made using the gauze so that it can be removed by the patient herself at the end of the procedure.
 The sterile cotton ball is soaked in the desired medicine which is made luke warm and introduced vaginally under aseptic precautions.
After the procedure, the patient is asked to lie in supine position for ten minutes and is then allowed to leave. The pichu is retained for 1 hour or till the patient has a sensation of micturition, when it is removed by pulling the gauze tail after sitting in squatting position.

Yoni Pichu  Treatment Benefits:
The Marmas (vital points) are well massaged and manipulated
Increases energy and vitality of the body
Efficient in Marma injuries and several diseases already mentioned
Excellent rejuvenation technique
Beneficial for healthy people who want to enhance their health
Good in obesity and weight reduction
Develops mental faculties like stability, memory, concentration and strength

Yoni Pichu Treatment is effective for:
1st and 2nd degree uterine prolapse
Cystocele(bladder prolapse)
Rectocele(rectal prolapse)
Post menopausal vaginal dryness
Dyspareunia(painful coitus)
In certain types of recurrent miscarriage.