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Swedana is the Sanskrit word for sweating, hence any swedana-based Ayurvedic treatment encourages sweating to facilitate detoxification.

Swedana aids in the body's detoxification and the restoration of the balance between Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. One mechanism for removing toxins from the body is sweat glands. When activated, the body's numerous sweat glands can assist in removing toxins from the muscles and inner layers of the skin. Due of this advantage, swedana is a crucial Panchakarma treatment pre-treatment step.

Patients with conditions like asthma, problems with their weight and digestion and inflammation of the body are advised to try swedana, a therapy that cleanses the body while also reducing stress.

Procedure: On the body, oil should be carefully applied. Depending on the situation and doshic predominance, herbs are chosen. The head is covered with a moist cotton pad and the eyes are covered by a cloth tied around them since Ayurveda advises that the head and eyes should be shielded from excessive heat. Treatment is continued until there is heavy perspiration on the forehead and abdomen. After the treatment is over, the patient must take a hot water shower. After one hour of sedation, food that is warm, delectable and light is served.

Recommended for:

•  muscle stiffness and joint pain

•  Those who struggle to sweat

•  low quantities of energy

•  conditions of rigidity, coldness, and stagnation


•  makes the blood flow better

•  reduces muscle spasm and tension while relieving pain.

• brings the body's Vata and Kapha into balance.

•  eliminates stupor

•  rejuvenates and revitalises your skin.

•  relive - Low back pain, Sciatica Cough and Asthma

•  reduces muscular pain