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Abhyangam Therapy

Abhyangam Therapy

Abhyangam is an Ayurvedic treatment that involves performing a full-body massage in seven distinct positions while utilising unique Ayurvedic oils. This massage is suggested as a regular routine for conditioning and renewing the body in ancient Ayurvedic teachings.

The entire body is covered with a generous amount of warm oil during an Ayurvedic abhyangam massage, and massage strokes are applied in the same direction as arterial blood flow. The Abhyangam massage is one of the daily routines that one should adhere to in order to maintain wellbeing and good health, as stated by the Brhat Trayi and Laghutrayi Ayurvedic scriptures. It also serves as an introduction to Panchakarma therapy, a five-step purging and eliminating process that deeply detoxifies the body.


How it works: Abhyangam basically entails massaging the body with a lot of heated herbal oil. Abhyangam's primary goal is to inject oil via the skin into the body. In Abhyangam, the oil is applied to the skin and massaged into it in a way that it penetrates deeply into the tissues and nourishes them, as opposed to a regular massage where the oil's main function is to reduce friction while working the body's muscles.

Abhyangam Therapy Benefits: -

•            enhances the body's natural defences

•            boosts immunity

•            reduces pain and stiffness in the back, joints, and muscles

•            reduces fatigue, tension, and anxiety.

•            keeps a normal blood pressure reading