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Cupping Therapy​

Detox Cupping In today's world, we have been exposed to various pollutants, frequent weather changes, poor quality of food, increased level of stress, radiations which lead to accumulation of various toxins in our body. Chauhan Ayurveda provides Detox treatment in Noida as a five-fold solution for detoxification of the body known as panchkarma. Bloodletting is one of the five toxin eliminating karma of panchkarma procedure. It leads to purification of blood, increase in energy levels, leads to feeling of lightness of body, Clears doshas residing deep in deep tissues.


After cupping or a cupping massage, what to do:

1.Water should be consumed quantities.

The cellular debris that cupping helps remove from your tissues is flushed out of your lymphatic system with water.

2.Keep warm.

Cover the area(s) where you underwent cupping as much as possible.


After cupping, you may feel more sleepy than usual or experience flu-like symptoms (headache or general body aches). This is your immune system's brief reaction to the cellular waste that cupping helps discharge.


After cupping or a cupping massage, avoid the following:

Avoid exposure to the following during the first 4-6 hours after cupping:

1.Caffeine, alcohol, sugary meals and beverages, dairy, and processed meats are all high in caffeine.

The ability of your body to process the medicine is slowed by certain foods.

2.Showers that are hot, saunas, hot tubs, and air conditioning that is strong

Your skin in the places where the cups were put will be more sensitive to warmth after cupping. Allow time for your skin to heal. Shower with filtered water, if at all possible, to avoid reintroducing extra chemicals to your skin.

3.a strenuous workout

How to get ready for a cupping session or a cupping massage.

• Hydrate

• Eat something about an hour before your appointment.

• If you don't want to shave, don't.

• Get your sunburn under control.

• Exfoliate gently rather than abrasively.