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Dhoopan is an Ayurvedic therapy procedure that targets on treating any issues that affect our ears. This treatment takes a few minutes and uses medicated Ayurvedic oils which range from sesame oils to complex herbal blends. Dhoopan medicated formula is inserted into patient's ears and it’s kept there for 10-15 minutes. Dhoopan Ayurveda procedure is used to get rid of earwax and other dirt particles also.
Dhoopan Procedure:
Although this procedure is quite simple, you have to seek consultation from a professional Ayurvedic consultant. They will examine your ear health and advise you on the specific herbal oil formulas that can be used. Once the herbal oils are decided, the therapist will ask you to lie on your back on a firm table. You will then undergo a massage to the head, neck, and ear. This will relax muscles and enhance circulation to the ears.
The massage will help the oils soak into the skin and enter the bloodstream. Once the therapist cleans your ears you are ready for pradhanakarma, the ears are filled with warm medicated Ayurveda oil.
The oil is instilled as drops until they fill the ear canal. The oil will stay in your ear for ten minutes, and then it’s drained by the therapist. This procedure is usually done in ten days or it can be more (depending on your doctor’s prescription). You will quickly notice an improvement in your ear health and hearing abilities.
Dhoopan Treatment Benefits:
It is used for disinfection of rooms and environment especially during rainy and winter seasons. It also helps in control of pests, rodents and insects and thus prevents outbreak of epidemics.
Purifies and sterilises therapeutic rooms, puerperal and neonatal rooms.
Used as a means of drug administration in disease conditions like wounds, fever, poisoning ENT diseases, gynecological and psychological disordersetc.
Dhoopan done before storing of rawdrugs and cereals helps to increase their shelflife and preserves potency.
Disinfects vessels used for medicine preparation.
Clothes and other household items can be kept disinfected and sterile by fumigation method.