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Karna Puran

Karna Puran

Karna Puran therapy is an ayurvedic ear oiling therapy in which medicated oil is instilled and filled in the ears. This  therapy can be done in both a state of disease or health as part of daily regimen for prevention of diseases.
Karna Puran Procedure:
Karna Puran treatment is a simple process that is followed by a head massage to the patient. With the help of this therapy, any blockage in the head and forehead region can be cleared. In the next process, the medicated oil is poured into the ears of the patient. After this treatment, the patient is given a light massage on the outer ear region. This therapy is carried out for about 2 hours where the drops of oil depend on the condition of the patient. This process is required for a week and provides desired and effective results to patients. After this, steam bath is given to the upper part of the body that includes the neck, face and head.
Karna Puran Treatment Benefits:
Karna Puran is essential for maintenance of good ear health.
It forms a vital part of ear care along with Karna Abhyanga (ear oil massage).
It keeps the ear canal lubricated, cleanses it of grime, dirt and extra wax, strengthens the ear bones, improves local immunity, auditory acuity and prevents neck stiffness.
It improves the quality of sleep and alleviates restlessness, irritability and stress.

Karna Puran Treatment is effective for:
Ear infection
Earwax blockage
Wax expulsion or abundance wax
Ear clog
Meniere’s infection
Hearing misfortune
Swimmer’s ear
Cerebral pain
Jaw torment
Acoustic nerve shortcoming