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Topics covered :

  • Prachhan ( various incisional treatment methods)
  • Siravyadh (needle or blade vein puncture treatment)
  • Alabu chikitsa (dry, wet & fire cupping or hijama therapy)
  • Jalaukavcharana (leech therapy)

We train you in these types of methods to do this therapy:

  1. Traditional Method
  2. Classical Method
  3. Standard Method

1.PRACHHAN KARMA : incision treatment explained by acharya sushruta for various disease.

2.SIRAVYADHA (vein puncture) :

Using blade, needle, scalp vein set and vein cannula.


Three types of cupping is taught :

  • Dry cupping
  • Fire cupping
  • Wet cupping

4.JALOKA AVCHARANA (leech therapy/ hirudotherapy)

It includes :

  • Leech handling
  • Shodhan of leech before application.
  • Application of leech on patient directly.
  • Direction of application of leech on the site.
  • Care of leech during application timely.
  • various vamana methods of the leech after detaching from the site.
  • Care and bandaging of the wound by aseptic measures according to ayurvedic principles only.