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Vaman therapy

Vaman therapy

Vaman therapy is a part of panchakarma therapy. It is a controlled emesis where the vomiting is started, allowed to continue for a set amount of time and then stopped.It is a procedure used to remove toxins from the body that go by the name of kaphs.. The patient is made to vomit and clear their body of all mucus.

One of the five Panchakarma therapies used in Ayurveda, Vaman treatment induces medicated emesis to remove toxins that have accumulated in the Kapha dosha. The Chauhan Ayurveda Hospital is one of the best places to go for vaman treatment in Noida. Because Ayurveda believes that the imbalance of the Kapha dosha is the primary cause of psoriasis, Vamana therapy is one of the most successful treatments for psoriasis. Among the other ailments for which the treatment is advised are those linked to the Kapha dosha's nervous system, such as Asthma, Gastritis, Skin conditions, Sinusitis, and Diabetes.


Benefits of Vamana Treatment:

•  The disease is cured by expelling the body's vitiated and aggressive Kapha Dosha.

•  Increases metabolic power and digestion.

•  Health is recovered generally.

•  Improves metabolism and digestion

•  Increases immunity

•  Beneficial for controlling cough and asthma

•   Eliminates toxins

•  Prevents ageing

•  Benefits stomach