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PanchKarama Treatment in Noida | Panchkarma Therapy

Panch Karm Dept. - पंच-कर्म विभाग

Panchkarma treatments use a mix of treatments to treat the body, including steams, saunas, massages, and special diets.

Panchakarma in Ayurveda is an old treatment and rejuvenation procedure that leads to self-discovery, purification, and the awareness of one's healing energies and senses.

The Panchkarma treatment technique is based on the idea that the body is capable of repairing itself and naturally removing toxins from the system. This ability, however, deteriorates as a result of a variety of conditions, including poor food, smoking, excessive alcohol intake, and long working hours. Some disorders and genetic predispositions might make it difficult for the body to sustain proper biological processes.

Panchakarma means: -

1. Vamana (emesis): - for upper part detoxification i.e chest and throat area for Kapha dosha related


2. Virechana (purgation): - for middle part detoxification i.e abdomen and growine area for Pitta related


3. Basti (enema): - for lower part of body i.e below abdominal regions for Vaat related disorders

4, Nasya (medicine through nose): - for upper most part of body i,e head region for various neurological

and brain related disosder

5. Raktamokshan (Bloodletting): - for whole parts of body i.e done everywhere as per requirement

Panchakarma treatment in Noida

If you're seeking panchakarma treatment in Noida, Chauhan Ayurveda Hospital is the place to go. This Ayurveda Hospital is a professional Ayurvedic Panchakarma Treatment Centre in Noida with authentic and traditional Ayurvedic physicians and therapists.

The goal of the therapy is to remove toxins from the body, cure diseases, rebalance the Doshas, and restore clarity and inner calm. It's a crucial cleansing procedure that uses medicinal oils to restore health, mind, and age.

Unlike other treatment methods, this is a time-consuming yet gratifying process that totally cleanses and detoxifies the body.


There are many more procedures also done for the detoxifications of body.

Panchakarma treatment is always done in 3 parts

1. Poorva Karma (Pre-operative procedure)

2. Pradhan Karma (Operative procedure)

3. Paschat karma (Post operative procedure)


-Snehana (oil massage) and swedana (sweating/steaming) are to be done before any major

procedure in poorva karma part.

-which karma (Pradhan Karma) is actually needed for the particular disease will be decided by

the consulting physician.

-after Pradhan karma/ major detox procedure is to be done for the stability and proper

functioning of body.

Panchakarma is a method of detoxification which helps in all major diseases to

control and to cure as well.


Panchakarma's Benefits

•  The body is completely cleansed.

•  Toxic waste removal

•  Boosting the metabolism

•  Weight loss Boosting the power of the digestive fire

•  Unblocking of blocked channels

•  Mind and body relaxation


Ayurvedic Treatment Centres for Panchakarma Offer a Range of Panchakarma with affordable treatment costs in Noida.

Treatment at a reputable Ayurveda Panchakarma treatment centre might cost anything from Rs. 2,500 to Rs. 3,000.


Panchakarma Therapy: What Can I Expect?

The Panchakarma cleansing method has a variety of effects on a person. As a result, you may notice mental, physical, and emotional changes as the program progresses. A high number of patients have what is known as a "recovering emergency." This is a completely natural component of the healing process, and it can be considered a positive step toward optimal health.



Q1.Is Panchkarma really effective?

Yes, it is effective. When our bodies build toxins as a result of poor nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle choices, and we need to cleanse from time to time to be healthy, panchkarma is a great option.

Q2.Where are the best places in Noida for panchakarma?

 Chauhan Ayurveda Hospital in Noida is one of the best place for Panchakarma Treatment.

Q3.What are the health benefits of panchkarma?

•  Aids in the restoration of metabolic fire (AGNI)

•  Removes AMA (toxins) and improves tissue function.

•  Aids in the balancing of all three doshas.

•  Aids in the implementation of a healthy diet and lifestyle.

• Reduces stress, increases relaxation, and increases tolerance.

• It helps to slow down the ageing process.

• Increases the body's immunity.


Q4. What is Panchakarma treatment cost in India?

The cost of therapy ranges from Rs 3000 to Rs 4500 per day, depending on what is prescribed. The cost of food per person per day is approximately Rs 500.

Q5.Which is best Panchkrama treatment hospital in Noida?

Chauhan Ayurveda Hospital is one of the best panchkrama treatment hospital in Noida.