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Ksharkarm Dept. - क्षारकर्म विभाग​

Ksharkarma is a treatment in which the herbal alkaline medicine is applied on an affective area for treatment purpose.

The medicine may be in

1.Water form,

2.Paste form

3.medicated thread popularly known as kharsutra treatment. 


  1. Paaniye (for internal use)
  2. Pratisharniye (for external use)

Indications:- various skin diseases, kustha, kitibha, dadrumandal, kilasha, psoriasis, skin allergies, fistula, piles, fissures, sinuses, tumors, wounds, corns, moles, pigmentations, mashak, externals glands wounds, worms, various mouth disease like uvulitis, tonsillitis, toung infections, cheek infections, nasal polyp, and swelling in nose, tooth disorder, poison, gulmas, digestive disorders, loss of taste, urinary problems, kidney stones, internal abscess and many external and internal disorders of body.