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Janu Basti

Janu Basti

Janu Basti is an effective Ayurvedic therapy that is useful for acute or chronic knee pain. This  therapy gives relief from the pain and stiffness associated with knee. Here the word Janu refers to Knee joint and basti refers to the container or retainer. In this Ayurvedic therapy the knee joint is bathed with warm medicated oil or freshly prepared herbal decoction and depending on the condition it can be practiced over both the knee joints or on one knee joint.
The patient is made to lie on his back. After this, a ring is made on the knee with pithi (kneaded dough) made of urad dal flour. Under the supervision of the doctor, a tolerable medicated lukewarm oil is put inside this ring. The oil keeps coming out slowly from inside the ring and lukewarm oil is poured from above. This process takes about 35-40 minutes during one sitting. According to the need, the specialist can call the patient for 5-7 or more sittings. Do not take a shower immediately after therapy. Also, do not sit in AC for some time after this.
Protects knee joints from age-related changes
Increases blood circulation; thus strengthens and nourishes the knee joints
Improves the mobility of the knee joints
Improves flexibility and enhances ease of movement
Removes stiffness and pain in the Knee joint
This ayurvedic therapy helps in relieving pain and stiffness within the knee joint and reduces swelling additionally as inflammation in the knee joint.

  Janu Basti is effective for:
Osteoarthritis of knee joints
Arthrosis of knee joints
Chronic pain of the knee joint