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Varicose Ulcer Treatment in Noida-Chauhan Hospital


Neurotherapy treatment It involves activating organs, muscles, bones, joints and other neurological structure through pressure or massage or traction on particular area for the healing purpose. This therapy helps in various joints pain, frozen shoulder, paralysis, sciatica, and other neurological disorders. 


1. What is Ayurvedic Neurotherapy?

When it comes to chronic pain-related limitations, and disease, neurotherapy is a unique experience. It connects classical physiotherapy (massage) with advanced medicine. Neurotherapy is a comprehensive healing system. It identifies the disease's fundamental cause and treats it holistically.

2. Is neurotherapy an effective treatment?

Yes, Neurotherapy has been found to be an effective treatment for a variety of conditions, according to research.

3.Which is the best hospital of Blockages treatment in ayurveda?

Chauhan Ayurveda is among the best hospital for Blockages treatment in ayurveda.