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Uttar Basti

Uttar Basti

An ayurvedic technique called Uttar Basti is recommended in cases of female uterine and urinary problems as well as diseases of the urinary system. It is administered using well-sterilized tools and precautions by a Panchakarma specialist. So, there is no chance of contracting an infection. Consequently, the vaginal and urinary systems are commonly treated with Uttara Basti. By relaxing the disturbed Apana vayu, it offers benefits (type of vata dosha).In Chauhan Ayurveda, Dr Rashmi Agarwal specializes in treating Uttar Basti treatment in Noida.


•  Minimally or completely painless non-invasive therapy.

•  No anaesthetic is necessary.

•  There is no need for urethral catheterization.

•  Day-care therapy

•  No hospitalisation is required.

•  Rest is not necessary.