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Baluka Therapy

Baluka Therapy

Baluka Therapy (Hot Sand Therapy) is a form of hot sand therapy that involves heating sand-filled boluses and pressing them against sore joints and muscles. Additionally, this massage is reviving, excellent for smoothening the skin, and beneficial for overall health.

In this therapy, sand that has been heated is utilised to reduce swelling. Fomentation is the name of this process. For ailments marked by edoema, heaviness, and stiffness, Valuka Sweda is most beneficial. It may be applied to a particular body area or the entire body.


The patient should be seated comfortably while exposing the desired suctioning area. After checking the temperature, carefully apply the hot pottali to the body. It is advisable to merely press the body with pottali; there is no need to knead. After reheating, the pottalis should be used alternately to keep the temperature consistent. It should be performed throughout the complete body for 15 to 20 minutes in each of the Kayaseka's seven positions.

 Baluka Therapy Benefits

•   Boosts circulation

•   Enhances the quality of sleep while calming the mind and reducing stress.

•   Makes tissues stronger

•   Reduces ache, swelling, and stiffness in the muscles

•  Revitalises the muscles, nerves, and bones.