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Leech Therapy in Greater Noida | Leech Therapy in Varicose Vein

Raktmokshan Dept. - रक्तमोक्षण विभाग​

There are 4 methods of treatment explained under this department.

  1. Leech therapy
  2. Cupping therapy/hijama therapy
  3. Pracchan treatment
  4. Siramokshan treatment/ vein puncture treatment

1. Leech Therapy:-

is a type of blood letting therapy which is done with the application of leeches. it is also known as Hirudotherapy.

During the process of sucking, leeches secrete various biological enzymes like Hirudin in to the blood though its saliva. It is one important component which act as anti-coagulant. Leech helps to improve blood flow to region where it has slowed or stopped, thus prevents tissue-death.


Leech therapy/ hirudotherapy can be used in different diseases like- Vidradhi (Abscess), Gulma (Abdominal swelling), Arsha (Piles), Kushtha (Skin disease), Vatarakta (Gout), Krostruka shirsha (Infective arthritis), Sandhi gata roga (Arthritis), Kantharoga (Goiter), Netraroga (Eye diseases), Granthi (Nodular swelling), Arbuda (Cancer), Shlipada (Filaria), Vidarika (Crackle), Vishadamshtra (Insect bite), Visharpa (Erysipelas), Siroroga (Diseases of scalp), Dantaveshta (Pyorrhea) and Plastic and reconstructive Surgery.

 Management of various chronic disorders like chronic eczema, psoriasis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout , inflammatory reactions, acne vulgaris, varicose veins, rheumatic diseases, Ischemic heart disease, complicated wounds , diabetic wound, boils and abscesses, thrombosis (blood clot), alopecia and many painful conditions.


Cupping therapy (Alabu avacharana) is an ancient form of ayurvedic parasurgical procedure of indian healthcare system, in which an expert therapist puts special cups on your skin for few minutes to create suction. Cups can be made of : Glass , Bamboo or Silicon.

Cupping therapy is known as  Hijama  in Unani medicine. Hijama in Arabic means to suck.

Types : 1.Dry cupping  2.Fire cupping  3.Wet cupping

Indications :

Pain, Inflammation, Muscle stiffness, Wounds, Arthritis, Sciatica, Cervical pain, Headache and hair problem etc.


Abdominal or sacral areas of pregnant lady, Anaemic patients, Swelling.

This therapy of Ayurvedic Healthcare system has no side effects and gives very good and instant results in the above indications.

3.Pracchana treatment:-

It is a kind of blood letting technique for a particular local problems, in which many small cuts are made and removes the toxin blood.

indications:- vaatkantaka (achillis tendonitis, grathit rakt coagulated blood conditions), and many more conditions.

4. Sira mokshan/vyadh:-

In this particular types of blood letting, the specific vein to be punctured and then a particular amount of blood is removed. This therapy gives excellent result in some conditions.

Indications:- sciatica, varicose vein, cervical pain, liver and spleen disorder, various skin disease, various neurological disorder, and many other disorder.


1.What is a raktamokshana?

In Ayurveda, raktamokshana refers to the use of leeches to draw impure blood from a specific body part. It's a type of bloodletting that's done under strict aseptic conditions. After cleaning the region, a leech is applied. The leech detaches when a certain amount of time has passed, and the wound is squeezed.

2.What is benefits of raktamokshana?

It helps in the removal of toxins from the body by allowing polluted blood to pass through. It aids in the reduction of inflammation and pain at the affected area. It aids in the improvement of the affected site's microcirculation.

3.How does raktmokshan work?

Raktmokshan can extract up to 20ml of blood from the affected and surrounding areas. Along with the drawn blood, the accumulated poisons and impurities are also evacuated. This aids in the healing of the damaged area.

4.What are Raktamokshana's contraindications?

Acute infections, haemophilia, leukaemia, low blood pressure, anaemia and fever are just a few examples.