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Agnikarm Treatment in Noida | Chauahn Hoapital

Agnikarm Dept. - अग्निकर्म विभाग

Agnikarma therapy , one of the ancient ayurvedic parasurgical therapy has been mentioned in Sushrut Samhita and has been used by ayurvedic practioners since ages. But over the period of time this therapy lost its existence. which is extremely helpful in providing pain free life to so many patients whose life has become miserable because of various painful conditions. Various types of instruments used in different diseases.

Instruments used in twagagata rog (for superficial skin level disease):-

  • Pippali ( piper longum)
  • Aja shakrita ( faeces of goat)
  • Godant ( teeth of cow)
  • Shar (arrow)
  • Shalaka (probes)

Instruments used in mamsagata rog (for deep seated muscle based disease) :-

  • Jamboshta
  • Itraloh

Instruments used in sira(vessels related), snayu(ligaments related), sandhigata (joints related) rog :

  • Madhu ( honey )
  • Gud ( jeggery )
  • Sneh ( oil, ghee )

Various ways of using these instruments are mention inclassical text for specific conditions and disease :

  • Valya (circular),
  • Bindu (doted),
  • Vilekha (slanting line/linear),
  • Pratisarana ( scrubbing),
  • Ardhachndrakar ( semi circle),
  • Swastik,
  • Ashtapad ( 8 intersecting lines)


Sharad ritu, Grisham Ritu, Pitta prakriti patient and many other

Indications:- glands, piles, fistula, tumor, filaria, corn, black moles, hydrocele, hernia, sinuses, fissure, cyst, warts, headache, skin disease eczema, wounds, bleeding vessels, joints and ligaments disorder, bone and joints related disorder, cervical and lumbar pain, sciatica, neurological pain, frozen shoulder, epilepsy and paralysis, and many more


1.What is Agni Karm therapy?

Agni Karm therapy is an ancient ayurvedic medicinal treatment that involves applying thermal micro cauterization to the affected body parts' precise trigger points.

2.Is Agni Karm therapy Effective?

Ans-Knee discomfort, low back pain, Sciatica, Lumbar and Cervical spondylosis, slipped disc, heel pain-calcaneal spur, carpal Tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, Rheumatoid arthritis, and Gout are among conditions for which Agni karma is a highly effective treatment.

3.Why is Agnikarma the most effective pain treatment?

•  Pain Relief in a Flash

•  There are no negative effects with this treatment.

•  Patients tolerate it well.

•  Pain alleviation that lasts

•  It's beneficial in both acute and chronic diseases.

•   A method based on the OPD

4.Are there any Agnikarma contraindications?

Agnikarma is not recommended for persons who have Pitta, ulcers, anaemia, children, the elderly, pregnant women, alcoholics, or people who have a weak immune system.