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Shastra Karm Dept. - शस्त्र-कर्म विभाग​

Shastra karma is firstly mentioned in indian healthcare system by ancient scientist Sushruta in his surgery book. Lots of this being done in ancient time like rhinoplasty, plastic surgery, intestinal operations, bone fracture treatment in the field of war. This department is working excellent work in various field of disease.


  1. Chhedana
  2. Bhedana
  3. Lekhana
  4. Vedhana
  5. Eshana
  6. Aaharana
  7. Shravana
  8. Seevana

Indications:- piles, fistula, fissures, any kind of unnatural growth, tumors, wounds, eye disorder, corns, impected foreign body, skin and muscle laceration wounds, mouth and throat disorder, abscess, erysipelas, hydrocele, hernia, sinus ulcer, tooth and gums disorder, uvulitis, tonsillitis, urinary tract disorder, stone disease, fatty tissue disease, vein disorder, ear disease, ascites, and many other disease affecting body.

An Ayurvedic physician/surgeon decides which procedure to be done in a particular disease.