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Agnikarma therapy , one of the ancient ayurvedic parasurgical therapy has been mentioned in Sushrut Samhita and has been used by ayurvedic practioners since ages. But over the period of time this therapy lost its existence. It is been practiced by only few practioners.

This workshop is conducted with the main aim of teaching practical aspect of this lost wonderful therapy, which is extremely helpful in providing pain free life to so many patients whose life has become miserable because of various painful conditions. This therapy will definitely add to the skills of the practioner and enhance their practical knowledge as well as widen their area of practice.

Vairous types of instruments used in different diseases  :

Instruments used in twagagata rog (for superficial skin level disease):-

  • Pippali ( piper longum)
  • Aja shakrita ( faeces of goat)
  • Godant ( teeth of cow)
  • Shar (arrow)
  • Shalaka (probes)

 Instruments used in mamsagata rog (for deep seated muscle based disease) :-

  • Jamboshta
  • Itraloh

Instruments used in sira(vessels related), snayu(ligaments related), sandhigata (joints related) rog :

  • Madhu ( honey )
  • Gud ( jeggery )
  • Sneh ( oil, ghee )

Various ways of using these instruments are mention inclassical text for specific conditions and disease :

  • Valya (circular)
  • Bindu (doted)
  • Vilekha (slanting line/linear)
  • Pratisarana ( scrubbing)
  • Ardhachndrakar ( semi circle)
  • Swastik
  • Ashtapad ( 8 intersecting lines)


Purava karma (pre-operative procedures):-

What are the basic precautions to be taken before procedure.

Pradhan karma (main operative procedure):-

How to do main procedure (agnikarma) classically and practically.

In which condition what procedure we have to do…? 

Paschat karma (post operative procedure):-

What are the precautions we should take to avoid any kind of complications and for good result as well.

Practical knowledge of palushta , dur dagda , samyak dagda and ati dagda is given to the candidates.