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Udvartan Therapy

Udvartan Therapy

Udvartan is an Ayurvedic treatment that involves massaging the body with a specifically made herbal paste or powder. It is a treatment that is used to promote detoxification or weight loss plans. Along with cleaning and feeding the skin, this massage also increases muscular tone and blood flow. Udvartan is highly suggested for removing excess body fat.

Although it is used to manage diabetes, it is not a permanent fix.

How it works: Herbal powders with a hot potency and a dry consistency are utilised in Udvartan. The paste, which is once more potently heated, is primarily made from sesame oil. All of the oils and herbs work to reduce stiffness and obstructions and produce lightness. It has a liquefying effect on the tissues of fat. The pores are opened, the vessels are unblocked, the tissues get hotter, and the metabolism of fat is stimulated when the herbal powders and oils are applied to the skin in a particular way.

 Udvartan Therapy Benefits

•  Aids with the weight loss.

•  Reduces stress and anxiety.

•  Balances Vata and Kapha issues.

•  Makes skin complexion better.

•  Increases the metabolism of fat.