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Ayurvedic Gynacology

Gynecology is the medical practice dealing with the health of the female reproductive system and the breasts. Since ancient time only, women health issue was dealt with special group of doctors with special medications and special procedure which was developed by ancient AYURVEIDC SCIENTISTS / MAHARISHI.

This department deals with:-

  1. General precautions
  2. Medicines
  3. Procedures 

1.General precautions means dealing with the food and lifestyle for the particular disease. General instruction for the cleaning, exercise, yoga and fasting & diet management according to disease.

2.medicine means what medication actually need for the particular disease, times and procedure of taking medicines. Medicine may be for internal and external use. There is a limit always for the treatment of a particular disease, discussion on limits of  treatment and chances of success of disease.

3.there are many procedure explained in ancient ayurvedic treatment book for the well being of female patients. The most important procedure is UTTAR BASTI for many disease.