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Welcome to Chauhan Ayurveda
(Speciality Ayurvedic Treatment Center)

Seamless Care

At Chauhan Ayurveda we will provide special advanced ayurvedic treatment like Leech Therapy , Agnikarma , Raktamokshan , Cupping Therapy.

More Experienced

Chauhan Ayurveda has been established in 1984 by “ Vaidya Dharamveer Singh” by , young and competent Vaidya Akshay Chauhan.We have bunch of Experienced doctors .

Right Suggestions

For effective treatment need to identify the correct reason of disease. At Chauhan Ayurveda , we will provide right suggestions to patients for treatment.


At Chauhan Ayurveda , our R & D team study and research about recent disease , their causes and their prevention.

AYURVEDA is a 5000 yr old   Indian healthcare system, which was gradually included in indian lifestyle by our great scientists ( rishis & maharishis) .This system reached our kitchens and people were able to keep themselves healthy with the  knowledge of using spices perfectly for taste as well as treating minor ailments at home level only. That’s why still today , the  primary treatment for any ailment  is carried out at home only throughout India . Ayurveda is a science of life (ayur means life and veda means science) which provides guidelines on daily routines, seasonal routines ,diet , behavior etc to help prevent diseases , which is its main aim . In addition to this , it also provides various medicines both herbal and mineral for the treatment of the disease.( Swasthasya swasthya rakshanam ‚Aturasya vikar prashamanam cha )

Chauhan Ayurveda has been established in 1984 by “ Vaidya Dharamveer Singh”. He is a great physician , philosopher and philanthropist. He has devoted and dedicated his entire life to promote Ayurveda in all spheres. Now this legacy is being carried forward by the second generation , young and competent Vaidya Akshay Chauhan.

Our main aim is to provide special advanced ayurvedic treatment (ayurvedic surgical therapies) like Leech therapy, Agnikarma , Raktamokshan, Cupping Therapy etc and medicinal treatment to the patients for various challenging disorders and chronic diseases. We believe in the fact that sharing knowledge helps in enhancing it. Pursuing this dream and idea , Vaidya Akshay Chauhan has successfully conducted various workshops on leech therapy and trained more than 100+ doctors in this therapy from all over india.


Ayurvedic Hepatology

Ayurvedic Nephrology

Ayurvedic Neurology

Ayurvedic Dermetology

Ayurvedic Orthopedist


All the patients approaching our centre , are handled by experts and after taking detailed history, treatment is planned.

Patient may require to stay for residential treatment at our centre or may be dealt at OPD level only. Patient undergoes customized advanced ayurvedic therapies , internal and external medication. All these are planned by experts according to the disease and prakriti of the patient. Diet and lifestyle corrections are also carried on along with the main treatment.

The duration of the treatment may vary depending upon the severity of the disease . However, total duration of Ayurvedic treatment for sciatica is approximately 3 months , for heel pain approximately 45days from the inception of treatment. Duration in rest of the diseases like non healing wounds , kidney disease , liver disease ,varicose veins and other vary according to the severity of the disease.

Treatment plan includes special therapies i.e.

  1. Detoxification therapy
  2. Raktamokshan therapy
  3. Agnikarm therapy
  4. Raktagni therapy
  5. Rejuvenation therapy
  6. Food and Lifestyle Correction

Treatment Success Story

Patient Speaks ?

Deepak Rawat

I was suffering from Kidney problem since last 5 years , Thanks MR. Chauhan My problem is resolved. I deal with a lot of doctor's in NCR Region . Thanks Ayurveda

Prabha Chandra

I signed in online… I was notified when three patients were in front on me and I had a 10 minute drive to the office. I really like signing in online. It is very helpful for all medical care and services.Thanks.

S.N. Roy

I was having DISC PROLAPSED & SCIATICA PROBLEM, and not able to walk or Stand, After visit and treatment at Chauhan’s Ayurveda. Now I am felling all good. and able to do all work. Thanks Sir.

Ravi Upadhayay
PHP Developer / C2S Web Technology

Nice experience and guidelines provided by Dr Chauhan Ayurveda . He is such a nice consultants in Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy. Best service ever in Noida , Delhi NCR . Thanks a Ton Sir.

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Leech Therapy



Training & Workshop

Our Blog

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