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Pichu therapy

Pichu therapy

The Pichu therapy is named after the medicated cloth fold applied on the patient during treatment, it is a palliative measure. This therapy is extensively used for the remediation of cranial nerve disorders caused by Vata imbalances. Based on the patient requirements and ailments, it can also be used for neck, spine, hip, chest, knee and shoulder.
Pichu Procedure:
Here, the Pichu treatment process includes dipping a sterile cotton pad in Ayurvedic oils and placing it over the affected body part, like swollen joints or sore muscles. Soaked cotton pad is kept on the afflicted body part for a few minutes or hours and the cotton pad is kept in place by tying a bandage around it and this Pichu treatment process is repeated on all the painful body parts until the time is up.
Pichu treatment in Ayurveda is done in three stages:
The pre-treatment arrangements and process, also known as Purva Karma
The treatment process, known as Pradhana Karma
Post treatments and follow up, which is also called Paschat Karma.

Pichu Treatment Benefits:
Provides relief from migraine and insomnia
Reduces scalp diseases and the burning sensation caused by scalp infections
Prevents hair fall, split ends, and premature grey hair
Promotes a healthy sleep cycle
Enhances memory
Decreases eye strain
Relaxes stiff neck
Help treat neurological and psychological disorders like facial palsy and paralysis
Treats spondylosis
Prevents indigestion
Controls appetite

Pichu Treatment is effective for:
persistent migraines
neck pain
back pain