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Virechan Therapy

Virechan Therapy

Virechan Therapy, one of the five Panchakarma detoxification procedures is an Ayurvedic detox procedure intended to cleanse the body and mind. The medicated purgation therapy known as "Virechan Therapy" cleanses the blood and the Pitta by eliminating toxins from the body. The liver and gall bladder-accumulating toxins are the focus of the treatment. Virechan therapy also cleanses the gastrointestinal tract. After Vamana treatment, this treatment is typically given for three days, however individual circumstances may dictate a different length of time. Actually, Vamana treatment is not necessary before Virechan; it can be given right after purvakarma.

Chauhan Ayurveda is the best hospital for virechan treatment in Noida.The small intestine, colon, stomach, liver, and spleen are among the organs that the herbs employed in virechana are intended to cleanse. Several herbs that act as purgatives, laxatives, and decongestants are employed in the therapy. Virechan is only used in conjunction with other Ayurvedic therapies and treatments after a correct identification of the disease's underlying cause. Purgation is carried out carefully in predetermined amounts in accordance with exacerbated doshas under the direction of our skilled Ayurveda specialists.

The Ayurvedic practice of Virechan therapy is straightforward. Before the procedure, the patient needs to go through treatment for vomiting called Vamana, then follow a particular diet called Samsarjana, and then receive oleation therapy called Snehakarma. The client is then treated with a three-day oil massage and sweating procedure. Virechan is then practised.

Beneficial for:

•            Detoxification when the Pitta dosha builds up

•            Strengthens the immune system

•            Enhances libido

•            Improves the gastrointestinal system

•            Promotes skin health

•            Removes poison from the body

•            Treats minor and persistent skin conditions