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Leech Therapy

Leech Therapy Here in this therapy leeches been used for a cure. Medicinal leeches are used for various blood blockage condition, it helps to improve blood circulation, works as antibiotics in various infection condition, helpful in various skin disease, vessels blockage, varicose vein, gangrene, wounds, ulcers, coagulated blood condition, hair problems, joints or localized pain and many other conditions.

  • Used for detox purpose
  • used for a cure.
  • Used for prevention of a disease.
  • Used for cosmetic purpose

In this therapy these is no side-effect has been noted unless leeches are toxic or proper precautions not taken. Leech therapy is very very less painful procedure and can be used at any age with proper precaution.

Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy (Alabu avacharana) is an ancient blood detox therapy mentioned in 5000 year old ayurvedic text. This therapy also done in various part of world with different name. this is also known as ALABU in Sanskrit in Ayurvedic science, this is known as HIJAMA in unani medicine, and known as cupping in English language. This therapy used for various diseases and blood related blockage problems.


Hijama Therapy

Hijama Therapy is a unani word for cupping therapy, this therapy is practice more in eastern muslim countries like Saudi arab, Seriya, Iran and many other. This therapy helps a lot for various skin and hair related disorders, alopecia, hair fall, immature hair growth, various joints pain, muscle pain, and also used for detox purpose.  

Agnikaram Treatment

Agnikarma therapy AGNIKARMA is an ancient ayurvedic technique of treatment, this AGNIKARMA Is used in various joints pain, neurological conditions, sciatica, backache, cervical pain, also used in various skin disease, wounds, skin tag, moles, cysts, glands enlargement, keloid, corn, and many other disease. This therapy is done with many different types of instruments based on disease of patient.

  • Agnikarma for skin level disease
  • Agnikarma for deep seated  disease
  • Agnikarma for vessels, ligaments, tendons, bones and joints.

Ksharsutra Treatment

Ksharsutra Treatment Ksharsutra is a type of treatment firstly described in ancient ayurvedic texts for various disease, in this therapy a medicated thread coated with a alkaline paste of various medicines applied or knotted on a unnatural growth for cutting, also used for mainly anorectal disease like piles, fistula, fissures and sinus. This therapy also useful in many other conditions like skin tags removal, gland cutting, body part cutting and healing. 

Detox Cupping

Detox cupping In today’s world we have been exposed to various pollutants, frequent weather changes ,poor quality of food, increased level of stress ,radiations which lead to accumulation of various toxins in our body.
Ayurveda provides you a five fold solution for detoxification of the body known as panchkarma. Blood letting is one of the five toxin eliminating karma of panchkarma procedure.
It leads to purification of blood, Increase in energy levels, Leads to feeling of lightness of body, Clears doshas residing deep in deep tissues.

Marma Treatment

Marma Treatment Marma means vital points of the body. Therapy includes application of pressure on these various vital energy points. It helps in proper flow of vital energy called prana in subtle channels known as nadis and thus relieves muscle stiffness and boost blood circulation. It leads to immediate relaxation and detoxification of the body. Pressure can be applied in the form of oil massage , aroma ,some instrument etc.

Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy  This therapy includes use of various yoga postures to address specific areas of discomfort, breathing exercises with proper breathing techniques, meditation to improve mental and physical health. This therapy leads to better integration of mind, body and spirit. Also scientifically proved that yoga helps to maintain health as well as cures various disease. This yoga science is done in almost all countries of world and this is the best non-medicinal treatment for many diseases.

Detox Panchkarma Therapy

Detox panchkarma therapy Panchkarma includes five cleansing karmas (actions). This therapy helps in removing the excess toxins from the body and correcting imbalances. It helps to purify the tissues at a very deep level. It involves (abhyanga) customized use of various oils, (swedan) herbal steam as preactions. Main karmas include (vamana)induced vomiting, (virechan) controlled purgation, (basti) medicated enemas, (nasya) nasal administration of drops ,(raktmokshan) blood letting.

Medicated massage (abhyanga)

Medicated massage (abhyanga) Individually prepared herbal oils are used for massage. this helps in making body ready for other major procedure of detoxification. Also helpful in various skin related problems, other muscular and neurological problems, here oil always used depends on disease and body type of a individuals, They are designed to penetrate the skin and provide complete mind body relaxation.

Medicated steaming(swedan)

Medicated steaming(swedan) Steam bath given using various herbal medicine/decoctions depending on particular disease or conditions. Here steaming also given using various medicated pottli. Steaming helps in relaxing muscles and also increases the blood circulation in particular part. Steaming also helps various skin disease, muscular problems, various joints problems, and many other conditions also. Steaming usually done before major procedure of panchakarma.

Detox Vaman

Detox-Vamana Vaman is a major procedure of panchakarma program, this procedure helps in deep cleaning for kapha related disorder from upper part of body between neck to stomach i.e chest part.  This procedure also helpful in various disease like skin disease, throat and chest related disorder, also various head disease. 


Detox Virechana

Detox-Virechan Virechana is a major procedure of panchakarma detoxification. In which Controlled purgation is done with the help of medicines to flush out toxins from the body. Route of expelling doshas from body is anal canal. This procedure helps in cleaning pitta related problems, this helps in various disease like many skin disease, psoriasis, abdominal disorder, joints related problems, allergies, various intestinal infections, and many other diseases.

Basti treatment( medicated enema)

Basti treatment( medicated enema) Basti also a major procedure of panchakarma detoxification process, this procedure helps in various vaat disorder. Basti Refers to medicated oil or decoction enemas. Its done to treat various ailments including constipation, neurological ailments, paralysis, various joints related disorder, gout, rheumatoid arthritis, etc

Medicated Enema

Medicated enema Refers to medicated oil or decoction enemas. Its done to treat various ailments including constipation, neurological ailments, paralysis, gout etc.

Nasyam Treatment

Nasyam treatment Nasal passage is the gateway of the head. Instilling herbal juices, oil or powders and other ayurvedic medicine through the nasal route is useful for ENT and head related problems. This procedure also helps in various mental disorders, mental stresses, insomnia, and other neurological disorder. 

Shirodhara Treatment

Shirodhara treatment Shiro means head and dhara means flow. In this therapy a specific ayurvedic medicine in the form of oil, kwath or milk, ghee and other are poured gently over the forehead. It helps in various mental disorder, hair and head diseases, stress generated problems, various neurological disorder and also promotes sleep.

Kati Basti Treatment

Kati Basti Treatment Kati means lower back and basti means a vessel to hold. In this treatment a compartment made of dough is made on the lower back and is filled with warm medicated oil for a fixed duration of time. it is helpful to relieve low backache, lumbar spondylosis, sciatica, disc prolapse, disc herniation, other neurological disorder also.

Pottli Massage Treatment

Potli massage treatment Potli means a pouch. This therapy is done using heated herbal pouches and helps in rejuvenation, relaxation. It also helps in alleviating various pains like rheumatoid arthritis, spondylitis, frozen shoulder, osteoarthritis, various skin disease, neurological disorder, paralysis, obesity, neuropathy and other musculoskeletal disorder etc.

Pizhichill Treatment

Pizhichil treatment It is a kerala ayurvedic therapy which means squeezing in local language.

This therapy is done by pouring lukewarm medicated oils continuously to the whole body along with simultaneous gentle massage. Done by 2 or 4 trained therapists and helps in relieving body pain , muscle spasm, improves blood circulation and provides great relaxation to both body and mind.

Accupressure Treatment

Acupressure Treatment It is an ancient healing art and it uses fingers or any blunt object to give gentle but firm pressure on various key points on the skin. The pressure releases muscular tension and promotes circulation. It helps in relieving headaches, sinus problems, neck pain, backaches, arthritis pain, anxiety, also improves various organs functions, improves circulations etc.

Accupuncture Treatment

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Neuro-Therapy Treatment

Neurotherapy treatment It involves activating organs, muscles, bones, joints and other neurological structure through pressure or massage or traction on particular area for the healing purpose. This therapy helps in various joints pain, frozen shoulder, paralysis, sciatica, and other neurological disorders. 

Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractic Treatment It helps in treating spinal and musculoskeletal problems through manual manipulation. Useful in various joints and neurological problems.

Day Care Facility

Day Care Facility we provides day care facility after particular procedures, we provides specific diet accordingly.

Uttar Basti

Uttar basti  is a specific procedure useful for male and female both.  It helps in male in various urinary bladder disorder, urethra disease, urethral stricture, blockage, and local infection in this region.

In female, this uttar basti helps in various gynecological disease, uterine disorder, tubal blockage, female infertility, various uterine cavity disorder, pcod, pcos, and endometriosis, and many more