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AYURVEDA is a 5000 year old Indian healthcare system, which was gradually included in Indian lifestyle by our great scientists ( Rishis & Maharishis) .This system reached our kitchens and people were able to keep themselves healthy with the knowledge of using spices perfectly for taste as well as treating minor ailments at home level only. That’s why still today , the primary treatment for any ailment  is carried out at home only throughout India ..Read More..



रक्तमोक्षण विभाग

अग्निकर्म विभाग

क्षारकर्म विभाग

शस्त्र कर्म विभाग

पंच-कर्म विभाग

स्त्रीरोग विभाग

विशेष रोग ओपीडी

जनरल ओपीडी

औषधि विभाग

प्रशिक्षण विभाग

Success Story​

Mr Manish is 38 yrs old having hair loss (alopecia) problem . After Leech therapy treatment hair loss stopped and recover hair. Read more…


Dr. Shailendra Mishra, 45yrs old Ayurvedic doctor, resident of khora, Ghaziabad (Cont no. 8700711739) approached our center on 05.11.13 with complaints of back pain radiating to the whole left leg. Patient experienced feeling of numbness in the leg and was unable to walk properly. He was suffering from the above complaints for the last 3 months. Read more…

Mr. Girija Nandan Singh, 55yrs old male , R/O Mayur Vihar , phase 3, Delhi (Cont no.9811665164) was carried to our centre on 7.3.16 by gaurdians in a very painful condition. Patient had severe pain in the right side of lower limb and was unable to walk . Associated complaints of back pain ,indigestion and constipation were noticed. Patient had history of accident 5 months back. MRI showed L4 –L5 disc herniation & sciatica nerve compression. Read more…


Patient Speaks ?

Deepak Rawat

I was suffering from Kidney problem since last 5 years , Thanks MR. Chauhan My problem is resolved. I deal with a lot of doctor's in NCR Region . Thanks Ayurveda

Prabha Chandra

I signed in online… I was notified when three patients were in front on me and I had a 10 minute drive to the office. I really like signing in online. It is very helpful for all medical care and services.Thanks.

S.N. Roy

I was having DISC PROLAPSED & SCIATICA PROBLEM, and not able to walk or Stand, After visit and treatment at Chauhan’s Ayurveda. Now I am felling all good. and able to do all work. Thanks Sir.

Ravi Upadhayay
PHP Developer / C2S Web Technology

Nice experience and guidelines provided by Dr Chauhan Ayurveda . He is such a nice consultants in Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy. Best service ever in Noida , Delhi NCR . Thanks a Ton Sir.

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