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Our centre is offering one day training workshops on Raktamokshan and Agnikarma to ayurvedic students and doctors who are keen in learning and utilizing these therapies in their practice. The initiative of imparting training and spreading knowledge among fellow practioners has been taken by young enthusiastic Vaidya Akshay Chauhan to keep the गुरु ऋण परम्परा alive. There is lack of institutions, where you can get practical knowledge of various ayurvedic therapies. Great effort has been made by us in developing a well formed classical curriculum to touch each and every part of theory as written in our samhitas and special care has been taken to impart hands on training to each and every participant and make them expert so that he is fully ready to perform these procedures on their patients immediately. These workshops will definately help you shape your practice better. Main points of this training:

  • Learning all the traditional, standard and classical steps of pracchan.
  • Leech handling
  • Leech application
  • Leech purification
  • Leech vamana
  • Patient assessment
  • Various types of agnikarma
  • Application of specific types agnikarm in different diseases.
  • Learning about patterns of application of agnikarma.


Topics covered :
  • Prachhan (incisional treatment)
  • Siravyadh (vein puncture treatment)
  • Alabu chikitsa (cupping or hijama therapy)
  • Jalaukavcharana (leech therapy)
PRACHHAN KARMA : incision treatment explained by acharya sushruta for various disease. We train you in these types of methods to do this therapy:
1.Traditional Method
2.Classical Method
3.Standard Method

SIRAVYADHA (vein puncture) : Using blade, needle, scalp vein set and vein cannula.

Three types of cupping is taught :
  • Dry cupping using glass and cupping set
  • Fire cupping using spirit and glass along with gliding method of cups.
  • Wet cupping with cupping set using different pracchan methods .
It includes :
  • Leech handling with and without gloves.
  • Shodhan of leech before application in haridra water.
  • Application of leech on patient with prick , cut or without it directly.
  • Direction of application of leech on the site.
  • Care of leech during application by timely hydration while attatched to the site and proper covering with a cotton cloth.
  • Proper vamana methods of the leech after detaching from the site : both with haridra water and manual by squeezing as mentioned in Sushrut Samhita.
  • Care and bandaging of the wound by aseptic measures according to ayurvedic principles only.


Agnikarma therapy , one of the ancient ayurvedic parasurgical therapy has been mentioned in Sushrut Samhita and has been used by ayurvedic practioners since ages. But over the period of time this therapy lost its existence. It is been practiced by only 10% of the practioners and that too only shalaka instrument has been in use these days . This workshop is conducted with the main aim of teaching practical aspect of this lost wonderful therapy, which is extremely helpful in providing pain free life to so many patients whose life has become miserable because of various painful conditions. This therapy will definitely add to the skills of the practioner and enhance their practical knowledge as well as widen their area of practice. Vairous types of instruments used in different diseases : Instruments used in twagagata rog (for superficial skin level disease):-
  • Pippali ( piper longum)
  • Aja shakrita ( faeces of goat)
  • Godant ( teeth of cow)
  • Shar (arrow)
  • Shalaka (probes)
Instruments used in mamsagata rog (for deep seated muscle based disease) :-
  • Jamboshta
  • Itraloh
Instruments used in sira(vessels related), snayu(ligaments related), sandhigata (joints related) rog :
  • Madhu ( honey )
  • Gud ( jeggery )
  • Sneh ( oil, ghee )
Various ways of using these instruments are mention inclassical text for specific conditions and disease :
  • Valya (circular)
  • Bindu (doted)
  • Vilekha (slanting line/linear)
  • Pratisarana ( scrubbing)
  • Ardhachndrakar ( semi circle)
  • Swastik
  • Ashtapad ( 8 intersecting lines)
  • Sharad ritu
  • Grisham Ritu
  • Pitta prakriti patient and many other
Purava karma (pre-operative procedures):-
What are the basic precautions to be taken before procedure and other like Give picchal food to patient like kheer , daliya or khichdi mixed with ghee on the previous night.
Pradhan karma (main operative procedure):-
How to do main procedure(agnikarma) classically and practically.
In which condition what procedure we have to do…?
Paschat karma (post operative procedure):-
What are the precautions we should take to avoid any kind of complications and for good result as well.
Practical knowledge of palushta , dur dagda , samyak dagda and ati dagda is given to the candidates.
We have organized 8 workshop in September, October, November 2018 in Delhi NCR and Mumbai. We have trained 100+ doctors and students of Ayurveda.
Next workshop will be announce shortly.
The maximum 10 candidates can register in a batch ( no spot registration)
date and time and venue will be announced through website/facebook/whatsapp and other social media method. For booking you can fill the form and submit. Date and venue will be informed you personally.

Feel free to Contact @ 91- +91-9971 734344 , 9910 437695
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