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Success Story​

Mr. Manish (Hair Loss , Alopecia) , Uttar Pradesh, Mr Manish is 38 yrs old having hair loss (alopecia) problem . After Leech therapy treatment hair loss stopped and recover hair.


DR SHAILENDER MISHRA (Sciatica) ,Indrapuram, UP 45yrs old Ayurvedic doctor ,resident of khora, Ghaziabad ( cont no. 8700711739) approached our centre on 5.11.13 with complaints of back pain radiating to the whole left leg. Patient experienced feeling of numbness in the leg and was unable to walk properly. He was suffering from the above complaints for the last 3 months.

MRI showed L4-L5 disc prolapse and sciatica nerve compression.

Patient had consulted an orthopedician for the same. He was given some orall medicines , but when he showed no relief, surgery was planned for the same. Then the patient came to our centre for advice and treatment. He was assessed thoroughly on ayurvedic principles and was started with some therapies and medications both external and internal. He continued our medicine for approximately 3 months and has almost recovered nicely and is now leading a pain free healthy life.

GIRIJA NANDAN SINGH (SCIATICA) Khora, Ghaziabad, UP 55yrs old male , R/O Mayur Vihar , phase 3, Delhi (cont no.9811665164) was carried to our centre on 7.3.16 by gaurdians in a very painful condition. Patient had severe pain in the right side of lower limb and was unable to walk . Associated complaints of back pain ,indigestion and constipation were noticed. Patient had history of accident 5 months back. MRI showed L4 –L5 disc herniation & sciatica nerve compression. Patient took allopathic treatment in Yashoda Hospital, Ghaziabad for nearly 5 months , but couldn’t get relief. After approaching our centre patient underwent ayurvedic therapies along with internal and external medication. This whole treatment continued for the next 3 months , after which the patient showed remarkable improvement in his condition and is now able to continue his routine life free from pain.


Mrs. RACHNA (HEEL PAIN) Sonipat , Haryana 20 yrs old female patient R/o Panipat , Haryana (cont no. 9050000950) came with complaints of pain in both the heels, more in right heel since 2yrs. She used to experience maximum pain early in the morning after getting up from the bed. Associated complaints of the patient were backache, leucorrhoea and irregular periods. Diagnosis was planter fasciitis . Patient had taken allopathic as well as ayurvedic treatment earlier for the last 2yrs. Finally she came to our centre on 7.4.18. Here she underwent 3 sittings at specific interval of ayurvedic therapies ( Raktagni therapy-advanced ayurvedic surgical treatment without pain and mark) in both the heels simultaneously. Patient experienced 50% relief after first sitting , 90% relief after the second sitting. She was given the last sitting on 15.6.18 after which she has not reported any pain as such and is able to carry out her routine work normally.

JAGMOHAN PARIHAR (Non-healing wound) Jodhpur , Rajasthan 64 yrs old male R/o Jodhpur, Rajasthan (cont no. 8619653168), a case of wet gangrene in both the feet since 8 months came to our centre on 25.8.18 for the treatment of the same. Patient is a known case of diabetes since 20yrs and had undergone amputation of both the toes and fingers. After taking thorough history of the patient ayurvedic therapies (leech therapy) were planned for him along with external and internal medications. He underwent 2 sittings of the same at an interval of 30days. Patient was relieved of his symptoms around 60% after the first sitting. After the last sitting on 30.9.18 patient got 90% relief. Now wound is healed, walking and other routine activity is going normally.


Mr. Raju (Non-healing wound) Patparganj , Delhi 45yrs old male R/o Samaspur , Delhi (9555999451) case of varicose veins came with complaints of non-healing wounds, itching, inflammation , discoloration in the whole left foot accompanied with pain in walking. On examination left foot showed two wounds near ankle joint when the patient noticed black discoloration in his left foot. Later on itching started which led to the formation of wound which kept on spreading and didn’t heel inspite of taking allopathic antibiotic treatment for 1 year. Patient was diagnosed with Schamberg disease with punch out ulcer. He was advised surgery. Hence the patient visited us on 1.5.17. After thorough examination of the patient on detailed ayurvedic principles treatment plan was chalked out . patient was put on ayurvedic medicines both internal and external . Along with this Raktamokshan and leech therapies were planned. Patient underwent 3 sittings of these therapies and noted significant relief in his symptoms and is able to move around and do his routine work without any pain and discomfort. His wounds have 100% healed in a total 6 month treatment.

Ms. Rekha, (Liver Failure ),Gurugram-Haryana 42yrs old female R/o Gurugram , Haryana ( patient’s brother) known case of diabetes since 3yrs was admitted in Medanta hospital, Gurugram with 70% liver damage. Patient was advised liver transplant by the doctors of medanta hospital. Patient had c/o recurrent vomiting and had also developed bed sores in the back and heel. Vaidya Akshay Chauhan visited the patient in the hospital itself on 3.2.18. After thorough scrutiny of the patient and taking detailed history from the relatives started with the our Ayurvedic treatment in the hospital itself. After 15days patient showed improvement in her symptoms of vomiting and liver function test (LFT) improved day by day. her appetite started improving. In the meantime patient underwent skin grafting for bed sores in the hospital due to which she felt some inconvenience but was well tackled by ayurvedic medicines and she showed significant improvement . Patient was discharged from the hospital on 5.4.18 but still continued with our medicines till 11.6.18. After 4 months of taking ayurvedic treatment from our center , her LFT report came out to be normal and patient was satisfactorily relieved of all her symptoms. 


Devinder Singh(HeelPain), Sonipat ,Haryana 40yrs old male patient r/o Sonipat , Haryana , came to the centre with c/o pain left heel since 3 yrs. Patient had h/o injury due to fall and had taken allopathic treatment for the problem for the last 3 yrs but couldn’t find much relief. He was still suffering from persistent pain in left heel throughout the day. He was diagnosed with Plantar fasciitis by an orthopedic surgeon . He then came to our centre. Patient was given two sittings of Raktagni therapy along with internal medication. He reported 50 % relief in the first month only and 100% relief after the second sitting. He is happy and leading a pain free life now.

Mrs. Kamlesh Singh (Heel Pain),Delhi 35 yrs old female r/o Delhi , reported with the complaint of pain in right heel since 3 months. She had severe pain early in the morning , used to get better with walking during day. But every time she used to feel pain after resting. She approached our center with these above complaints. Diagnosis was Planter Fasciitis. Raktagni therapy sitting was planned for her. She got 100 % relief with the first sitting itself. Some internal medicines were also given along with this therapy. She is now living happily and carrying out her routine chores pain free.