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Raktagani Therapy

RAKTAGNI THERAPY exclusively developed by Vaidya Akshay Chauhah after a huge experience of this therapy on various patients, finally the outcome of this therapy was excellent and result was more than 90% in various problems like planter fasciitis, achilles tendonitis cancaneal spur and sciatice nerve compression. This therapy gives result without any kind of mark, and harm to the body, and result is very quick and stable. This therapy is based on ayurvedic classical knowledge and this is the unique combination of 2 different classical therapies. This therapy is the combination of Raktamokshan and Agnikarm chikitsa together. This therapy comes under ayurvedic para-surgical practice, and all rules and regulation is given in our classics

Limitation - this therapy gives result only in the lacalised specific disease where vaat dosha is localized and developes various types of pain.

How this therapy works

this Raktagni therapy mainly works on dosha-dhatu siddhanta, in this therapy where the vaat dosha is localized along with other associated dosha and develops various types of pain and other problem. When we use this therapy the vaat dosh either mobilized from the place or evacuate outside the particular place which gives the maximum relief in pain, this therapy works on all 3 dosha but mainly works on vaat and kapha simultaneously and also relief noted in pitta dosha.


this therapy works mainly on localized area affected with vaat and kapha Pradhan dosha. However depending on dosha, vyadhi and and rogibal it can be used in many disease but mainly used in vaat-kantak, gradhrshi, planter fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis and calcaneal spur and sciatica along with various types of radiating pain.

Also having a complete team for patient care and advance Ayurveda treatment.

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