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Leech Therapy – Chauhan Ayurveda

Leech Therapy is a type of blood letting therapy which is done with the application of leeches. In Ayurveda, Susrutha has described it as jalaukavcharan which is a procedure of panchkarma. The term Jalauka can be split into Jala + Oka Jala (Water) + Oka (Housing place) = Jalauka. Avacharan means application. Description of 2 varieties of Jalauka are found i.e. 1.Poisonous group (Savisha) 2.Non-poisonous group (Nirvisha). In Modern medicine it is known as Hirudotherapy. During the process of sucking, leeches secrete various biological enzymes like Hirudin in to the blood though its saliva. It is one important component which act as anti-coagulant. Leech helps to improve blood flow to region where it has slowed or stopped, thus prevents tissue-death.

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