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Panchakarma Treatment in Noida



Panchakarma is a procedure for purifying the human body. In Panchakarma, several procedures constituting steam, massage, saunas, and some special diets are used to treat the body.

Panchakarma word is a Sanskrit word that means “Five Treatments or Actions”.

Panchakarma is an ancient rejuvenation method in Ayurveda. It leads to the sanctification of the body, self-discovery, and perception of the convalescence power of a person. Panchakarma is a unique Ayurveda treatment that encompasses corrective, prophylactic, and promotive litigations against various diseases.

Panchakarma is a bio-cleansing regimen that is aimed at eliminating the harmful particles found in the body. The treatment is based on the notion that the human body is able of rebuilding and also taking out toxins.

Poor dietary habits,  no regular exercise or Yoga patterns, and lifestyle changes on time result in hormonal changes. These all things supervise the intrinsic richness of the body and make it redundant.


Panchakarma Means:-


1.      Vamana (Emisis):-  The first treatment is used for the upper part detoxification of the body including the chest and the throat area. It is majorly for disorders that are related to Kalpa Dosha.

2.      Virechana (Purgation):- The second treatment is utilized for the middle part of detoxification of the body including the Grownie area and abdomen for disorders related to Pitta.

3.      Basti (Enema):- The third treatment is for the lower part of the body. It includes parts below the abdominal regions for disorders related to Vaat.

4.      Nasya (Medication through the nose):- The fourth treatment is mostly used for treating the upper part of the body including the head region. It is done for several neurological disorders related to the brain

5.      Raktamokshan (Bloodletting):- It is the fifth part of the treatment which can be done to every part of the body. With this one, any part of the body can be treated as per the requirement.


Benefits of Panchakarma


·       Purifies the body 

·       Eliminates unwanted toxins

·       Helps in stimulating the metabolism

·       To help unblock all the blocked channels in the body

·       Helps in relaxing the mind and body.

·        aids in weight loss.

·       enhances the ability of digestive fire.

·       Helps in relieving stress

·       Rehabilitates the tissues

·       Immunity booster



In India, Ayurvedic Centres can be found everywhere and they offer an affordable range of Panchakarma treatments. You can find one with affordable treatment costs in Noida.

The average price range varies between Rs. 2,500 to Rs. 3000.





PanchakarmaTreatment in Noida


If you are looking for the best Panchakarma treatment in Noida then visit Chauhan Ayurveda Hospital. It is the best Panchakarma treatment Centre in Noida. in their Ayurveda Hospital, they provide Panchakarma treatments using substantial and conventional therapists and physicians.


Why Choose Panchakarma Therapy?


Panchakarma Treatment cleanses the body completely and it is good for overall detoxification. If you get the right treatment step by step then it will enhance the longevity of the body.

The major objective of Panchakarma Therapy is to peel off toxins and cure all the diseases found in the body. The therapy helps in restoring clarity, and inner calm. It also rebalances the Doshas. The therapy is a vital cleaning method that is done using medicinal oils to renovate the mind, health, and age. One should undergo therapy with professional Ayurvedic Doctors.

Other Procedures for the detoxification of the body are Poorva Karma, Pradhan Karma, and Paschat Karma.



Panchakarma Therapy- What to expect?


Panchakarma Therapy possesses a variety of impacts on an individual. During the therapy, one might feel mental, emotional, and physical alterations as the program progresses.

There are no side effects of the therapy. You might feel a temperature increase or fever after the therapy. These all indications are momentary and will recover in a few days.

Get the therapy and take a step toward optimal health.





1. What is the best Hospital for Panchakarma Treatment in Noida?

   ChauhanAyurveda is the best Ayurvedic Hospital for Panchakarma Treatment in Noida.


2. What are the Health Benefits of the Treatment?

·        It helps in the restoration of metabolic fire.

·        It wipes out AMA toxins and it also helps in modifying the tissue function.

·        It supports the balancing of all three Doshas.

·        It assists in the enactment of a healthy diet and lifestyle.   

·        It lowers stress and enhances forbearance and relief.

·        It boosts immunity.


3. Is Panchakarma treatment effective?

Well, the Panchakarma treatment is effective as it cleanses the whole body from harmful toxins. If you are looking for a healthy option for protecting your body then You can go for Panchakarma therapy.


4. What is the cost of Panchakarma Treatment cost in India?

 The cost of Panchakarma Treatment ranges between Rs. 3000 to 4500/day.  It depends on the prescription given to the person.  The food cost per day for one person is about Rs. 500.


5.Does Panchakarma therapy has side effects?

Well, it doesn’t have any major side effects. The common side effects that one might feel are fatigue, headaches, fever, congestion, etc.