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Ayurvedic antibiotics effect during and after sergery

Modern Surgery Without Antibiotics 🙂 With the help of Ayurveda drugs 🙂

The first time in the history of modern surgery that Benign Prostate Hyperplasia (BPH) surgery which requires at least 3 doses of prophylactic antibiotic as per recommendations by American Urology Association, was done without the use of any. Only the Ayurvedic medicine support was given.

Authors* have also raised some important questions for times to come:

“Can Ayurveda carry this role of supporting surgery better than allopathy by providing not only protection against infection, that too without suppressing the innate immunity rather enhancing the natural healing power of the individual and shorten the post-operative recovery time?

It is a matter of great surprise and revelation that there exists not only anecdotal evidences rather a complete Ayurvedic science of surgery, treatise of which although not supposed to be complete but is available even today and unanimously accepted to be approximately 3000 years old in the form of ‘Sushrut Samhita’ comprising of 120 chapters, 1120 conditions, 121 surgical instruments, 300 surgical procedures including plastic surgery, cataract, repair of ear lobes, urinary stones, perineal lithotomy and removal of dead foetus etc. To even greater surprise, the basic principles and instruments remain the same as in modern surgery even today.

Would modern day researchers take inspiration from this case to dig deep into Sushruta Samhita to find out how the surgeries were done in ancient times without the use of antibiotics?

Could it compel the modern day researchers to think beyond the boundaries and mental barriers to find out solutions to the antibiotic menace in ancient Ayurveda?”

A surgeon in meerut has performed almost 13 surgeries without using allopathic antibiotics or with the minimum use, used ayurvedic antibiotics for preoperative, operation, post operative procedure. Got excellent result in healing for after surgery wound.

ayurvedic antibiotics performance in wound healing us excellent, it has been used in various operation and in non healing wounds by ayurvedic practicener.

Vaidya akshay chauhan , noida has treated so many patient of various kind of non healing wounds like diabetic wound, vericos ulcer or punched out ulcer (Schamberg disease).

*Yadav, S., S. Jain, J. Chaudhary, R. Bansal and M. Sharma (2017). “The role of Ayurveda management in preventing surgical site infections instead of surgical antibiotic prophylaxis.” Journal of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine 8(4): 263-265.

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